Lanehub Expands Shipment Matching Service for Backhauls

Lanehub technology
Lanehub via YouTube

Lanehub, a collaborative transportation platform, has introduced Backhaul Assist to help shippers market excess freight-hauling capacity to other companies.


CEO Mark Hackl said many shippers are expanding their private fleets and the use of dedicated contract carriage because of capacity constraints in the market and could benefit by hauling freight for other shippers on trucks that otherwise run empty.

“Backhaul Assist is for those that are bringing trucks to the table and need a partnership to collaborate in a simple and transparent manner to meet their mutual needs,” Hackl said in a statement Sept. 5.

Participants in the Lanehub platform represent approximately 14 million annual shipments on an estimated 70,000 shipping lanes. The company, started in 2016, is based in Green Bay, Wis.


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