November 14, 2014 2:30 PM, EST

JBS Carriers to Offer Retention Bonuses


JBS Carriers said it plans to begin a new retention-bonus program in January to reward its drivers and reduce turnover.

“To combat the driver shortage and high turnover rates, we must invest in those that are literally driving us as a company — our drivers,” Mike McQuade, the truckload fleet’s director of human resources, said in the announcement.

Under the plan, new drivers who stay with JBS will earn an extra $2,000 during their first year. Regional drivers will be able to earn bonuses up to $5,000 per year depending on mileage and tenure. Dedicated and specialized drivers will be able to earn up to $3,500 per year.

“We believe drivers deserve higher pay and want to reward them for their hard work and determination,” McQuade added.

JBS Carriers is a division of Greeley, Colorado-based JBS USA, which processes and delivers beef and pork products.