May 18, 2018 2:15 PM, EDT

Jacobs Launches Less Complex Engine Brake

Jacobs Vehicle Systems announced its 1.5 Stroke HPD, a new variation of the innovative high power density engine brake that the company introduced on a demonstration truck in 2016.

1.5 stroke HPD

1.5 Stroke HPD (Jacobs Vehicle Systems)

The new HPD option provides heavy vehicles with significantly higher levels of supplemental braking force than traditional compression release braking, but with less complexity and cost than Two-Stroke HPD, according to the Bloomfield, Conn.-based company.

“1.5 Stroke HPD is a simpler and more affordable route that will see our customers achieve the same step-change in braking performance as with Two-Stroke HPD, if their engine hardware allows for that,” Vice President of Engineering Steve Ernest said in a statement.

Engine brake-retarding performance has become increasingly important because key strategies for improving fuel efficiency are reducing the natural retarding of vehicles caused by aerodynamic drag, friction in the engine and drive train, and rolling resistance from the tires.