Industrial IoT: Keeping Heavy Duty Vehicles Moving

A fleet of heavy-duty vehicles can cost a business millions. Add to this the immense cost of maintenance, and their price tag is astronomical. Many businesses are investing in telematics to combat this profit drain, but is that really enough?

With potentially tens of thousands of vehicles on the road at any one time, the amount of data telematics generates is often beyond a business’ resources to compile, let alone correctly analyze. The solution comes in 5 powerful stages of IoT progression.

IIoT to the Rescue

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) incorporates machine learning and sophisticated analytics. Extracting and examining all the data a vehicle generates, IIoT systems can precisely identify the root cause of imminent vehicle failure. In the process, your business profits from a number of key benefits:

Improved Servicing: Why fix what isn’t broken? Servicing schedules are often based on vehicle mileage or elapsed time, resulting in unnecessary and expensive vehicle downtime. Drawing on real-time usage data, IIoT can flag impending problems, ensuring maintenance is only performed when actually required.

Precise Failure Predictions: The cost of emergency repairs is often steep. One minor issue missed can cause a major fault down the line, disabling a valuable asset. IIoT prevents this by utilizing machine learning to precisely pinpoint problems and predict failure before a costly breakdown occurs. 

Accurate Repair Plans: Nothing saves time and money like getting it right the first time. Utilizing sophisticated diagnostics, IIoT can accurately determine the parts and actions required to keep vehicles on the road or in the fields. 

The Key to IIoT Success

IIoT is proven to improve vehicle uptime, reduce mean time to repair and increase the accuracy of asset diagnostics. But to gain real business value and return on investment, it is essential to understand how to correctly tailor this initiative to your business.

With clear, illustrated industry examples, this free to download eBook guides you through implementing IIoT in 5 powerful and progressive stages, as well as the value each one delivers for your business. From the role of telematics to extending intelligence to remote fields and construction sites, find out what you need to know about adopting IIoT and how to ensure it drives tangible profits for your business.  

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Bsquare helps its customers extract business value from an array of corporate assets by making them intelligent, connecting them and using data collected from them to deliver better business outcomes. Bsquare DataV software solutions have been deployed by enterprises to create business-focused Internet of Things (IoT) systems that effectively monitor assets, automate processes, predict events and in general optimize business outcomes.

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