January 8, 2018 12:00 AM, EST

Improve Driver Recruiting & Retention at R&R 2018

Register today for the 2018 Recruitment and Retention Conference and be prepared to shift your perspective around driver recruiting and retention strategy.  The conference offers a strong lineup you don’t want to miss.

R&R 2018 will be held February 21-23, 2018 at the Omni Hotel in Nashville, TN.  Those interested in attending can register and learn more about the event at

R&R 2018 attendees will enjoy a variety of sessions to educate carriers and other trucking professionals on how to face driver recruiting and retention challenges head on with innovative strategies and resources. Industry experts will give attendees the tools needed to improve driver recruiting and retention in today’s market.

Just a few of the sessions and workshops planned for the upcoming conference include:

Every Truck Has a Story - Improving the Driver Experience Through Social & Digital Media Engagement

Every truck has a story, and when carriers engage drivers where they are, connection happens. In this session, Curtis Midkiff, Senior Advisor for Social Business Strategy at Southwest Airlines will lead attendees through a lesson on the power of engaging drivers through social and digital media.

Rethink Retention: Proven Strategies to Improve Driver Turnover

In this workshop, attendees will receive data around why drivers leave carriers, how carriers can approach rehires differently to get them back in a truck quickly, and hear about proven strategies carriers have implemented to improve retention. Gain insight into why and how fast drivers will make the decision to return to a carrier, effective tactics in convincing a driver to return to your fleet, and how carriers can be proactive in retaining drivers by identifying common reasons drivers are leaving.

Flipping the Script on How You Work Your Driver Leads 

How your recruiting department works leads is critical to your success in recruiting and retention. In this session, presenters will challenge carriers to examine how they're working leads and how they can shift their thinking and work smarter. Attendees will hear from industry experts who will share data on the best ways to drive leads to recruiters in today's market, how conversion rates affect your numbers, and the success of working leads differently than you may be working them today.

Managing the Influence of Your Carrier's Online Reputation

There is no denying that drivers are engaged in social media and online reviews. In this workshop, attendees will learn and understand the power of managing your online reputation. Carriers who monitor and track online reviews and use social media effectively are reaping rewards. Attendees will hear from two carriers that are using social media and online reputation management tools to generate leads and improve their digital brand. Hear about the latest innovations in social media and leave with valuable insight into how it can affect recruiting and retention at your carrier.

Visit to register for the 2018 R&R Conference today!

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