October 23, 2018 5:15 PM, EDT

Imperial Logistics to Operate Volkswagen Group Packaging Center in Germany

Imperial Logistics will begin operating a new Volkswagen Group packaging center in Germany in April as part of the group’s decision to distribute parts through JadeWeserPort.

Construction of the facility, which will include four halls with area exceeding 430,000 square feet, began in July in Wilhelmshaven, Germany. Parts will be dispatched from the center to more than 25 locations in 15 countries, including Mexico, China and the United States.

“The decision to locate the facility in Wilhelmshaven is of strategic importance for the Volkswagen Group,” Thomas Zernechel, head of Volkswagen Group logistics, said in a press release. “The JadeWeserPort is the only deepwater port in Germany. With this new packaging site, we will create a direct link to a port which enables us to transport parts using the largest vessels in the world.”

Some 7,000 different Audi, Volkswagen and Volkswagen commercial vehicle parts will be delivered to the packaging center, then loaded into about 250 containers per week, or more than 12,000 per year.

The center will create an estimated 500 jobs. The outsourced logistics services provider has 30,000 employees at 340 locations in 38 countries throughout Africa and Europe.