Idaho Offers Alerts to Carriers of Driver Record Changes

Notices for Convictions, Medical Certificate Expirations, Canceled Driving Licenses Available on Online Dashboard
Truck on road in Idaho
The state contracted with Boise-based web application developer Tyler Idaho to create the dashboard, which was rolled out in June. (Idaho Transportation Department)

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The Idaho Transportation Department is offering motor carriers a new online service called the Driver Record Dashboard that issues alerts about driving license changes, such as expiration dates for commercial driver licenses and medical certifications.

“Employers of CDL drivers are prohibited from allowing drivers with drug- and alcohol-related offenses to drive a commercial vehicle,” ITD spokesperson Ellen Mattila told Transport Topics. “The service provides companies a way to check the records of drivers that they employ so they can maintain compliance with federal regulations.”

The state contracted with Boise-based web application developer Tyler Idaho to create the dashboard, which was rolled out in June.

To use the dashboard, Tyler Idaho charges motor carriers fees that range from $10 monthly to a $95 annual subscription. A person’s driving license can be monitored twice each month for 16 cents. There also are fees for automated and manual driving license record retrievals.

The dashboard was created to help commercial fleets with Idaho-licensed drivers manage driver risk as well as monitor their status and receive alerts about any changes to driving licenses. Status changes include alerts about a new conviction or suspension for a driver, change in class of license and expired/canceled driving licenses.

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Driver records are checked twice a month (early and mid-month) for changes, and notifications about changes are emailed to motor carriers. Nightly monitoring is done for medical certification issues and expiration dates.

Ellen Mattila


Companies can build a roster for one driver at a time or through bulk employee uploading. After creating a roster, companies can buy individual driver records or bulk records. If an issue is found in a driver’s status, the database saves a monthly tracking history to create a two-year compliance record with a full view of a driver’s history.

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ITD encourages those interested in the dashboard to contact Tyler Idaho at 208-332-0102 or view the company’s webpage, where a video demonstration contains additional information:

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