February 26, 2018 2:00 PM, EST

Harbor Trucking Association, Clean Energy Forge Exclusive Partnership

Trucks at the Port of Long Beach, Calif.TT File Photo

The Harbor Trucking Association announced Clean Energy Fuels Corp. will be the exclusive provider of clean transportation fuels to the group, whose membership includes more than 100 drayage companies operating more than 8,000 trucks in West Coast ports.

The partnership comes as the industry prepares for the implementation of the newest version of the Clean Air Action Plan adopted by the Port of Los Angeles and the nearby Port of Long Beach, according to the Long Beach, Calif.-based association.

“The HTA is a solutions-based organization, and we look at Clean Energy’s products as another solution for our members to decrease their carbon footprint while remaining commercially viable,” HTA CEO Weston LaBar said in a statement.

Both entities also made the commitment to advocate for assistance to fleets and drivers that want to grow green and transition out older equipment.

Clean Energy Fuels Corp., which is based in Newport, Beach, Calif., is the leading provider of natural gas fuel and renewable natural gas fuel for transportation in North America, according to the company.