August 23, 2016 10:20 AM, EDT

Gorilla Safety Adds Equipment Tracking, Expands Mobile App Features

Gorilla Safety has introduced an enhanced equipment tracking system and announced new features for its mobile application.

The company said it has developed Gorilla Trax, a tracking device that ties location monitoring to trucks and trailers rather than the user’s smartphone.

The Gorilla Trax device attaches to the vehicle or asset and communications with the mobile app when the driver is nearby.

This system pinpoints the specific location of the truck or trailer and tracks whether or not the driver is actually working when and where indicated.

Along with the tracking enhancements, Gorilla Safety also is rolling out updates to its mobile app and web-based technology platform.

The new features include International Fuel Tax Agreement reporting, vehicle tracking inspection processes, the automation of company policies and procedures, enabling remote delivery of safety documentation, and alerts on procedural violations.

The Gorilla Safety technology platform is available on Apple and Android smartphones and tablets. Other features include electronic logging of drivers’ hours of service, accident management through real-time reporting, and tracking fuel use and vehicle maintenance.