June 27, 2017 9:30 AM, EDT

Gas Prices See Record Lows Just in Time for Holiday Weekend

National gasoline prices are hovering at an all-time low for the year at $2.26 per gallon — the lowest they’ve been since February, according to auto club AAA.

However, AAA predicts that 37.5 million Americans will drive to their holiday destination, which potentially can mean an increase in holiday weekend gasoline prices.

Florida recorded the biggest decrease in gasoline prices in the region with a 7-cent drop per gallon, according to AAA, which collected data from credit card swipes at gasoline stations nationwide.

GasBuddy petroleum analyst Patrick DeHaan said the prices will continue to drop as retailers “play catch-up” to the low market prices of crude oil. SUV drivers who fill up the week of June 26 can save about $11 per tank, while smaller cars can save around $6.

Perhaps people finally can get rid of “the myth” that gasoline prices spike during holiday weekends such as the Fourth of July, DeHaan said

“It’s amazing we’re staring at some of the cheapest prices of the year as the holiday comes into view,” DeHaan said. “This is like Christmas in July.”