February 8, 2021 12:00 PM, EST

Four Benefits of Smart Truck Management

Compliance violations, risky driving behavior, low driver productivity, unnecessary fuel costs, extended vehicle downtime and more pose a series of challenges for fleet operators and get in the way of maintaining effective operations.

To overcome these challenges, carriers are turning to smart telematics solutions that, in addition to compliance with driving time regulations, can help improve the safety, productivity and efficiency of their fleets. ORBCOMM’s truck management solution delivers a wide range of features and functionality as well as an easy-to-use driver interface and a fully customizable back-end telematics platform.

Here are four key benefits you can expect from implementing ORBCOMM’s advanced truck management solution:

Easier Regulatory Compliance

With the US ELD mandate in full effect and the Canadian ELD deadline fast approaching this year, HOS compliance has remained a hot topic for freight transporters across North America. With 3rd party certification, ORBCOMM’s truck management solution gives fleets peace of mind, as they can rest assured their device will perform as expected and will meet complex regulatory requirements. The solution also includes features such as automated HOS calculations, drive time capturing and detailed driver cycle summaries that simplify the logging process, making compliance easier and helping drivers avoid fines and keep out of trouble with law enforcement.

Improved Fleet Safety

Our truck management solution addresses fleet safety at the source by monitoring unsafe maneuvers, such as speeding, hard braking and lane drifting, as they occur. Incidents are reported to the management platform for immediate analysis by fleet managers and can be used to hold drivers accountable and to facilitate driver training. In-cab camera technology can be added to get a complete picture as the device automatically captures road and optional driver-facing footage when critical incidents occur. Video can be used as compelling evidence to defend fleets and drivers from false claims or to improve the effectiveness of driver training programs.  

Higher Driver Productivity

ORBCOMM’s truck telematics offer multiple productivity features to help streamline drivers’ daily tasks, such as text-to-speech messaging for easier and safer communication, in-cab scanning capabilities for quicker handoffs and automated driver scheduling. Dispatchers can improve workflow processes by finding drivers within a particular vicinity for quicker load assignment, set arrival and departure alerts and provide accurate ETAs for customers. Together, these features contribute to higher overall productivity, resulting in better asset utilization, fewer empty miles, reduced overtime costs, faster deliveries and, most important, more business.

Enhanced Fleet Efficiency

Without clear visibility into a fleet’s trucks, it’s difficult to identify where inefficiencies might exist. Underutilized assets, improper fuel management and under-serviced assets can all go unseen as they eat away at a fleet’s profitability and ability to perform.

ORBCOMM’s solution delivers around-the-clock visibility into the location and status of every vehicle in the fleet as well as other detailed trip information to help dispatch and fleet managers closely monitor trip progress and identify prolonged detention in customer yards. Fleets can save on fuel costs and improve fuel economy with detailed fuel level monitoring and easy identification of idling or harsh driving that causes unnecessary consumption. Vehicles are kept up and running with a maintenance planner that helps fleets schedule services and inspections for their trucks based on actual engine usage or distance travelled.

Coping with the challenges of running a fleet can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. ORBCOMM’s advanced truck management solution does the heavy lifting to ensure fleets remain compliant, keep their drivers safe, increase productivity and enhance efficiency so operators can focus on running a more profitable business. Avoid fines, improve driver training, streamline workflow, automate manual processes and much more to boost fleet operations and stand above the competition.



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