The Formula for Risk Reduction Is Easy

A study of over 10,000 crashes1 found that driver coaching reduces the risk of injury crashes by 35 percent when combined with video event systems. It’s an easy formula:


Risk mitigation isn't a laborious process with a best-in-class dash cam and training solution. Simply identify the risk factors to focus on and then train your drivers based on those driving events. Results will follow.


The first step of the formula requires you to choose the unsafe behaviors you will focus on using the dash cam. Consider capturing and monitoring behaviors with the greatest likelihood to cause a crash, including:

  1. Speeding and hard acceleration
  2. Hard braking
  3. Following too closely
  4. Rolling stops
  5. Cornering too fast at any time
  6. Lane drift
  7. Distracted driving


Dash cam alerts for these behaviors call attention to potential risk before a driver receives a citation or a severe crash occurs and create a perfect bullseye for successful training.

Dash cam footage tells you who to train and what to train on. It also provides an ongoing measurement of success through continued monitoring, allowing you to gauge training.

For maximum success, have your coaches follow these five steps when training drivers:

  1. Schedule coaching promptly per the company standard, with the most severe events addressed within 24 to 48 hours of the event.
  2. Prepare for the meeting by reviewing the video at least twice. Then, think through the conversation and write down key points.
  3. Build rapport by positively greeting the driver. Treat them with respect during the session and tell them that you appreciate their time. Review the driver’s safety history and recognize positive safety history achievements.
  4. Facilitate the dialogue. Coaching isn’t a one-sided conversation. Focus on the facts, avoid emotions, and don’t make assumptions. Before conveying what you think happened, allow the driver to view the video clip.
    • Let them provide information that may help shape your assessment. Recognize drivers for their positive actions, when applicable.
    • Ask the driver about factors that aren't evident from the video, including what happened during their day leading up to the event, including excessive delays.
    • Ask the driver how they would correct the root cause or how you/the company can help them.
    • Then, cover any points the driver missed and areas that need improvement. Explain the risk of continuing unsafe behavior. Recap in a simple statement to check for agreement. If required, be consistent with remedial or disciplinary actions as outlined in company policies.
    • Document the root cause and next steps. If the dialogue involved positive driver recognition, ensure that this is also documented.
  5. Gain a commitment from the driver to correct unsafe behaviors and engage in safe behavior in the future.

Occasionally, a driver deflects the conversation or reacts defensively. Don’t take offense. Respectfully guide them back to the reason for the session.


A carrier has a “duty to act” to remedy any unsafe situation that could affect the motoring public. If the behavior could have been detected from the data generated by the truck’s systems (telematic or camera), moving violations, driver accidents, or motorist complaints, the carrier should have known that unsafe driver behaviors were present. Carriers are judged in court by what they should have known, not what they take the time to find and correct.

Your timely detection and correction of unsafe behaviors with dash cams and coaching will reduce safety-related and operational costs, minimize potential liability, and can reduce the impact of litigation in the event a significant crash occurs. The J. J. Keller® Dash Cam PRO with Encompass® Video Event Management offers driver and cab-facing video capture, in-cab alerts, backoffice analytics, and award-winning training. It provides everything you need for successful risk mitigation. Talk with a compliance specialist today at 855.693.5338.

1 Soccolich, S., & Hickman, J. S. (2014). Virginia Tech Transportation Institute


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