EPIC Worldwide’s Revolutionary Fleet Graphic Program


What is the most economical, timesaving and aesthetically pleasing way to deal with these old, outdated graphics?  

The KWIK ZIP™ System offers an ultra-premium, long-term fleet graphic solution that can be installed or changed-out in less than an hour! It is so simple to install, your own personnel can easily be trained to handle the installations resulting in a time and money saving solution. Need expert installation? No problem! At EPIC we are equipped with a nationwide team of installers ensuring quick completion and guaranteed satisfaction.

KWIK ZIP IT™ and your trailer is back on the road in an hour.  Consider an average trailer is seen by approximately 65,000 people per day.  These powerful images have been proven to significantly increase sales and market share, so it makes sense to get your trailers back on the road quickly, creating value for your company.

The KWIK ZIP™ is ALSO the most economical fleet media system to purchase, utilize, & retire. This reusable system is far superior to decals which require spending lots of time, money, and personnel to remove and throw away. That’s money in the garbage! Imagine being able to move your graphics from one vehicle to another very quickly and easily.

The KWIK ZIP™ could be the most significant game changer for your fleet today. No paint, body work or time-consuming prep-work and application.  EPIC’s Armor shield, UV protectant super durable top coating provides graffiti-proof graphics, saturated in vibrant colors that outlive and outperform decals.

Many fleets are literally stuck with decals and old, outdated graphics. While others endure the insanity of searching for lower costs on a product that remains expensive due to its very nature of difficulty and costs to employ. 

Reject increased pricing and the associated wasted marketing opportunities. Stop overlooking the real value and opportunities your fleet “billboards” can provide.

KWIK ZIP IT™ and you’ll never go back to traditional decals.

See how quick and easy the KWIK ZIP™ is installed. 

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EPIC Worldwide® has been setting the bar in fleet graphic production since 1997. As an advertising industry force with a global presence, EPIC credits their success to stellar service and flagship product, the KWIK ZIP™ Graphic System.

The revolutionary KWIK ZIP™ has blanketed the fleets of dozens of Fortune 500 Companies. KWIK ZIP™ fleet graphics are easily installed, and the system is so friendly to use, companies can swap out their own fleet campaign graphics in 30 minutes or less.

To learn more about EPIC Worldwide® and the KWIK ZIP™ graphic system, visit epicworldwide.com.


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