June 30, 2014 9:30 AM, EDT

EBE Technologies Creates Owner-Operator Insurance Enrollment Software

EBE Technologies said it has created an insurance-enrollment program for carriers hiring owner operators and independent drivers.

OverDrive was designed to synchronize data among the motor carrier, independent contractor owner-operators and the issuing insurance companies.

EBE partnered with transportation-insurance firm TrueNorth to create the program.

“We were involved in the creation of a first-generation administrative tool in the early 2000s that took us from paper files and manual spreadsheets to automated spreadsheets with a common interface. As time progressed and technology evolved, we identified that an entire new generation of capabilities existed which could bring significant additional value to our clients,” Trent Tillman, practice leader of TrueNorth’s asset-light risk solutions team, said in a statement.

The software can be used by itself or as part of EBE’s recruiting and onboarding program. When OverDrive is integrated with EBE, the driver experience — from initial contact, recruiting, creating the driver packet and insurance enrollment — is paperless, according to the company.