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February 27, 2020 2:30 PM, EST

E-Smart Adds Features to Active Speed-Management System

Mathieu BoivinBoivin at E-Smart’s exhibit at TMC’s 2020 annual meeting in Atlanta. (Seth Clevenger/Transport Topics)

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ATLANTA — E-Smart is expanding the fleet-management capabilities available for its intelligent speed-management system as the business moves forward as a stand-alone company.

The company discussed the product updates with attendees at American Trucking Associations’ Technology & Maintenance Council annual meeting, held Feb. 24-27.

E-Smart’s core product uses GPS tracking to actively adjust the vehicle’s maximum speed based on the posted speed limit. The system incorporates geofencing to create virtual geographic boundaries, enabling fleets to cap the speed of their trucks at a preset level within a given zone.

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While that core product is designed to eliminate speeding violations, the company is adding more capabilities aimed at preventing other forms of accidents while helping to boost fleet efficiency.

E-Smart has introduced an add-on feature to prevent low-bridge collisions, for example. When the truck is within 750 feet of a low bridge or overpass, the system limits the throttle to 1 mph and automatically sends an alert to the fleet manager.

Another add-on to the system provides load-based power management. By continuously measuring the payload, the product determines how much engine power is needed to advance the vehicle.

“Our customers are asking for new features, and we like to answer their needs,” CEO Mathieu Boivin told Transport Topics. “We’re going from a basic platform to adding features that they want.”

E-Smart, which has offices in Montreal and Indianapolis, originally launched its product in 2018 as a business unit of Transtex, a supplier of side skirts and other aerodynamic systems for trailers.

But now E-Smart has become a separate company, reflecting the different markets and directions for those businesses, Boivin said.

Moving forward, E-Smart will focus on software development and is adding integrations with telematics providers, he said.

The company is updating its maps with information on construction zones and temporary roads. It also is developing variable speed limits based on factors such as weather and traffic conditions and the time of day.

In addition, E-Smart is rolling out a new web portal where customers can track key performance indicators for their fleets and individual vehicles.

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