July 25, 2019 4:00 PM, EDT

Drivewyze Announces Safety Notifications Service

Drivewyze warningTruck PR

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Drivewyze announced its Safety Notifications service is being offered free to subscribers of its PreClear weigh station bypass service. The new notifications provide alerts when a Drivewyze-enabled truck approaches a high-rollover area, plus it alerts drivers to upcoming low bridges.

An audible tone, as well as visual alert, provides the warning in both situations. The new service, which is active nationwide, was rolled out in July throughout the Drivewyze ELD reseller partner network, according to the Dallas-based company.

“Our rollover alerts, on targeted exit ramps and curves, are geofenced at 500 locations in 32 states. We worked closely with our state partners to identify the areas that had higher incidences of rollovers, so our alerts offer an early warning to drivers to check their speed,” Drivewyze CEO Brian Heath said in a release.

More than 14,000 truck-rollover crashes, which led to 170 fatalities, occurred in 2017, according to the company, which cited federal statistics.

For the low-bridge warnings, Heath said Drivewyze identified 1,500 strike-prone bridges along routes that commonly are used by truckers and geofenced them for alerts. — Transport Topics