February 3, 2017 10:15 PM, EST

DriverTech Offers ELD With Video Capture

Update: DriverTech’s DT4000 onboard computer displays driver hours-of-service information. (DriverTech)

Onboard technology supplier DriverTech has launched a new mobile communications device that includes electronic logging capabilities and a forward-facing dash camera.

The company’s latest product, the DT4000 Rev 7, installs in under 20 minutes and is priced at $799, the company said.

“Our system is priced lower than many popular smartphones,” said Steve Sanderson, director of sales for DriverTech.

The product’s rugged camera is designed to capture video of critical events such as hard braking.

DriverTech also said it designed the DT4000 with a special emphasis on preventing distracted driving by following an SAE International standard for “mode control,” stipulating that certain functions be restricted while driving.

“Preventing the driver from using distracting elements of the smart phone is nearly impossible when you make the smartphone the primary driver interface for [hours-of-service] or other applications,” Sanderson said.

The Salt Lake City-based technology company said more than 500 fleets use its software and back-office network operating center to keep their trucks and drivers in communication with fleet managers.

Beyond the new hardware, DriverTech has updated its software with several new features, including workflow integrations with transportation management systems, a smartphone app to link business processes to drivers outside of the cab, and a truck-safe navigation system.

DriverTech also has added integration capabilities with Cummins Connected Diagnostics and Meritor Tire Inflation System products.