DOT Seeks Technology to Improve Safety, Reduce Congestion

The Department of Transportation said Tuesday it is asking private industry, research organizations, and state and local governments for commercially available technology to fight congestion and improve the safety within the U.S. transportation system.

“The solution to today’s traffic problems does not have to be just about building new roads and infrastructure,” DOT Secretary Mary Peters said in a statement. “By harnessing existing technology and adapting it for transportation needs, we can dramatically improve safety and reduce congestion for the traveling public.”

DOT’s Research and Innovative Technology Administration will identify technology applications and stakeholders interested in partnering with the Department on SafeTrip-21, a field test of safety and congestion-reducing technologies that will be launched at the 2008 Intelligent Transportation Systems World Congress in New York City.

DOT said SafeTrip-21 will incorporate lessons learned in operational tests under way in partnership with automakers, equipment suppliers, and state and local governments in Michigan, California, Virginia, Arizona, Florida, Minnesota, and New York.


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