July 31, 2017 11:30 PM, EDT

DHL Supply Chain to Close Operations at Ohio Plant

DHLDHL Worldwide Express hub in Hebron, Ky. (Luke Sharrett/Bloomberg News)

DHL Supply Chain will close its Englewood, Ohio, location Sept. 18, a move that will affect 85 workers, including forklift operators and managers who will lose their jobs.

DHL Vice President of Communications Lynn Anderson told Transport Topics via e-mail, “This site filed WARN notifications recently related to a transition of business at the site.”

WARN is the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act, which is designed to protect workers and their families by requiring companies with more than 100 employees to provide 60 days’ notice of plant closings.

Anderson said the company hopes the layoffs are just part of a transition for the 85 affected individuals.

“We expect to place all of the 85 employees from the Englewood facility at other Dayton [Ohio]-area sites operated by DHL Supply Chain, and some management team members may transition to roles in sites elsewhere,” she said. “They will transition when the work at the Englewood facility is suspended, with no interruption in their service.”

Anderson said the closing is related to a customer’s decision.

“The current contract with that customer is expiring,” she said,, “and the customer has chosen to relocate the facility elsewhere in Ohio and engage a different third-party provider for logistics services.”