Convoy Technologies Launches Portable Camera for Tractor-Trailers

Convoy Technologies

Convoy Technologies has launched a new portable video-monitoring system for tractor-trailers designed to reduce blind spot-accidents and improve safety.

TrailerCam, features a rugged, wireless camera, which is mounted with commercial-grade magnets and transmits the video feed to a 7-inch monitor in the vehicle’s cab.

TrailerCam can also integrate with other in-cab monitors through a receiver adapter, the supplier said.

Convoy Technologies said the system is designed to improve safety in situations where a large truck or trailer backs into a loading dock or a down a narrow street.

By preventing accidents while maneuvering in reverse, the product can reduce injuries and workers’ compensation claims that occur around loading docks, the company said.

TrailerCam is priced at $749.

Convoy Technologies, based in Newport Beach, California, said its commercial and military-grade video cameras, backup cameras and monitors are used in more than 100,000 vehicles in North America.

The company offers products for industries including refuse, transportation, recreational vehicles, oil and gas, construction, mining and towing.