January 2, 2014 8:30 AM, EST

Connecticut Snow-Removal Law Takes Effect

Truckers running in Connecticut who cause injury or damage because they failed to remove snow or ice from their vehicles could now be hit with large fines.

The new state law, which took effect Dec. 31, carries a fine of $75 for any driver who does not remove snow and ice from his or her car or truck.

For car drivers who cause damage or injuries because they failed to clean off their vehicles, the fine could be as high as $1,000.

Connecticut lawmakers approved a snow-removal bill signed by then-Gov. Jodi Rell (R) in 2010, making the state the second in the country to pass such a law.

In 2009, New Jersey became the first state with such a snow removal law. Fines in that state for failing to remove snow or ice run from $25 to $75.

In New Jersey, the money from the fines goes into a fund from which grants will be given to help carriers or others businesses with trucks buy snow removal equipment. Connecticut has no such provision.