Concrete Facts About Driver Safety

Concrete Facts About Driver Safety

According to the FMCSA, more than 50% of truck driver fatalities happen in a rollover, an alarming statistic if you drive a concrete mixer or employ drivers who do. Especially since a concrete mixer can be top heavy, and with a constantly shifting load, it’s more prone to rollovers than most heavy-duty trucks. What can be done to improve a driver’s chances of walking away from such a dangerous accident? The answer is IMMI’s RollTek.

RollTek is the only side roll airbag protection system of its kind designed to protect the driver in a rollover. It’s proven in the field, so much so that more and more fleets won’t buy a truck without it, and many concrete companies are following their lead. In the past two years, a long list of fleets like Argos USA, CRH Americas, Staker Parson, Campbell Concrete, Lyman-Richey, LafargeHolcim, Western Rock Products, Southern Star Concrete, Dolese Bros. Concrete, HK Contractors, Idaho Materials and Construction, Nelson Bros. Ready Mix, Charley’s Concrete, Aggregate Industries, and many more, have committed to providing the safest environment possible for their drivers by including RollTek in their standard spec when they purchase new trucks. 

How does it work? RollTek combines airbag protection with the latest in seat belt technology. When the RollTek sensor detects an unrecoverable roll, three things happen in the blink of an eye to protect the driver and/or passenger.

  1. The seat belt pretensioner tightens the belt around the driver to hold them securely in their seat.
  2. The seat pull-down system drops the suspension seat to its lowest setting to increase survivable space. This reduces head contact with the interior side and roof of the cab.
  3. An airbag deploys to cushion the head and neck.


Custom engineered for each truck model, RollTek side roll protection also works to address the driver-related costs of rollovers. FMCSA data suggests that on average a heavy truck crash with injury has an insurance cost of over $330,000 for the driver. If the driver dies? That cost balloons to $5.1 million. By helping reduce the potential for death or serious injury that can occur in these events, RollTek protects not only your drivers but your bottom line. To see RollTek in action for yourself, check out

Few people would buy a new car without the added protection of airbags. Why should heavy-duty trucks be an exception? When it comes to safety, the cost of maintaining the status quo is far greater than taking the proactive step to protect your drivers with RollTek by IMMI. 


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