ATRI Seeks Driver Input on Job Motivations, Satisfaction

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The American Transportation Research Institute announced Aug. 18 that it has launched a data collection initiative to better understand drivers’ job motivations.

Specifically, the research will focus on the motivating factors for being an owner-operator, independent contractor or company driver.

ATRI’s Research Advisory Committee identified this subject as a top research priority in 2020. The Research Advisory Committee is made up of trucking company executives, labor union leaders, academics and government officials.


Drivers are invited to provide feedback through an online data collection form at, which will measure the job-related factors that contributed to their decisions to become an owner-operator, independent contractor or company driver. The data collection is also meant to gauge whether those expectations have been met.

“This ATRI data collection initiative will be critical to understanding why drivers choose the type of employment they do,” said Tom Weakley, a member of the Research Advisory Committee and director of operations for the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association Foundation. “The motivations behind these choices and their level of satisfaction are important for understanding what types of employment opportunities drivers are looking for and why.”

The form asks drivers to share their perspectives on how important certain factors, such as income, health care, choice of routes and stability, were in their job decisions. It also asks drivers to rate their satisfaction with these factors since entering their specific line of work.


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Other questions relate to years of professional driving experience, fleet size and sector, average length of haul, income and primary vehicle configuration the participant usually drives.

According to ATRI, this research is meant to assist with understanding how truck operators could be affected by legislative and regulatory actions regarding the way drivers are classified.

Participants are asked to complete the data collection form by Sept. 17. Submitted data will remain confidential and drivers who participate will receive an advance copy of the full report.

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