December 13, 2017 2:30 PM, EST

Aptiv to Open Boston Office, Adding to Self-Driving Work in Pittsburgh

Aptiv, the automotive technology company formerly known as Delphi, will open an office in Boston to further its work on self-driving cars.

The new technology center will add to work already underway by Aptiv in Pittsburgh, where it is developing autonomous vehicle technology.

“Boston has become a leading global city for the development of autonomous driving solutions, making it the ideal location for our new technology center,” Aptiv President and CEO Kevin Clark said in a statement.

Aptiv acquired the Boston-based self-driving car startup nuTonomy in October for $450 million. The company planned to leave nuTonomy’s staff in place in Boston. NuTonomy announced last week it had partnered with Lyft to offer a self-driving taxi service in Boston’s Seafront neighborhood .

Aptiv has been working on self-driving cars in Pittsburgh since 2015 when it acquired Ottomatika, a Carnegie Mellon University spinoff company. Aptiv announced plans in August to add about 100 jobs in Pittsburgh, nearly tripling the 50 to 60 engineers already working in the city.

The company said Dec. 12 the Boston center will employ about 300 people and does not change Aptiv’s growth plans for Pittsburgh.

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