January 23, 2017 5:20 PM, EST

Accuride Introduces Lighter Steel and Aluminum Wheels

Accuride Corp.

Accuride Corp. announced new steel and aluminum wheels that it said offered weight-saving benefits, including the industry’s first 65-pound steel wheel and 40-pound aluminum alloy wheel for commercial vehicles. 

It now offers two- and five-hand-hole versions of its Accu-Lite 22.5 x 8.25 steel wheels, each three pounds lighter than the previous models, and added a five-year warranty for its standard Steel Armor coating. The five-hand-hole version represents the industry’s first 65-pound steel wheel, according to the Evansville, Indiana-based company.

In addition, its new Quantum 99 aluminum alloy wheel is 20% stronger than the company’s previous alloy, the company said. The new proprietary alloy allows the company to reduce the weight of its most popular standard lightweight aluminum wheel by 11% to what it called an industry-best 40 pounds. 

“As our customers seek to optimize the total weight, fuel economy and emissions of their equipment, our consistent, world-class manufacturing processes are enabling us to continue light-weighting our steel and aluminum wheel offerings,” Accuride CEO Rick Dauch said in a statement.

Accuride is launching Quantum 99 on its most popular aluminum wheel — the standard 22.5 x 8.25, the company said.

Both new steel wheels are available with a standard eight-year warranty against corrosion at a small premium. They will be available to customers in April 2017 and can be ordered in white, black or gray. Accuride said it will produce the wheels at its Henderson, Kentucky, and Monterrey, Mexico, wheel plants.

Accuride’s new aluminum wheel — the 42644 — will be available in the third quarter of 2017 and manufactured at its Erie, Pennsylvania, and Monterrey, Mexico, aluminum wheel plants. Additional wheels incorporating Quantum 99 will be added to the lineup later in 2017 and beyond, the company said.