5 Reasons Mobile Printing is a Must-Have for Truckers Today

Transportation – along with the retail and hospitality sectors – is driving growth in the booming global mobile printer market.  Here are 5 reasons savvy fleet owners are moving full speed ahead with mobile printing deployments:

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  1. Get more done, faster. Whether you’re a fuel supplier specializing in just-in-time deliveries to oil drilling sites, a food and beverage distributor serving a network of supermarkets and retail stores, or a construction firm delivering materials and equipment to job sites, easy-to-use wireless mobile printers give your drivers the freedom to print anywhere, anytime, from nearly any device. The faster they can complete customer transactions, the faster they can be on their way to the next delivery.
  1. Keep your customers satisfied.  The ability to quickly and reliably print everything from full-page, high-resolution bills of lading, permits and invoices to small format receipts and labels on the spot increases driver flexibility and accuracy – and ensures responsive, efficient customer service, even in the face of those all-too-frequent last-minute changes.
  1. Pump up your profitability.  Replacing inefficient manual processes with automated mobile systems and printers reduces waste and driver downtime – and drives up your bottom line. 
  1. Keep on top of compliance. In-cab wireless mobile printers make it easy to comply with new rules from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) that require commercial truckers to be prepared to present e-log information to law enforcement or other officials on request.  Drivers can quickly create and print a certified Hours of Service (HOS) report and Record of Duty Status (RDS), as well as incident reports and regulatory forms.
  2. Sharpen your competitive edge. Make sure your fleet has the advanced mobile printing technology you need to thrive, not just survive, in today’s competitive market. Brother’s mobile printers are easy to connect and simple to use.  Extremely durable and versatile, they wirelessly deliver fast, reliable full-page and small format printing on the go, from virtually any device. 

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Whether you are a long-haul fleet operator, route/delivery distributor, midstream Oil & Gas entity, or have a small fleet on the road - Brother mobile printers can drive better results for your fleet. Compact, wireless, truly-mobile printers by Brother connect with virtually any device for anytime and anywhere printing.

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