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‘Mongoose Method’ Helps Carriers Fight ‘Reptile Theory’ Attorney Tactics

mongoose Mongoose by Andyworks/Getty Images

The "mongoose method" aims to counter the "reptile theory" strategy that plaintiff attorneys have used to beat up on truckers in accident litigation.

Eric Miller | Senior Reporter
June 22, 2022
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Trucking Defense Lawyers Confront Jury Attitudes About Fleets, Drivers

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Legal experts and researchers say juries generally carry negative attitudes about corporate America — and the trucking industry specifically — into the courtroom, making motor carriers susceptible to strategies that plaintiff attorneys employ to steer jurors toward sky-high “nuclear” judgments against fleets.

Eric Miller | Senior Reporter
September 29, 2021
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Plaintiff Attorneys Often Use 'Reptile Theory' to Win Nuclear Trucking Jury Verdicts, Experts Say

Courtroom scene In trucking accident lawsuits, plaintiff attorneys use the tactic to turn attention away from the incident, and focus instead on a carrier’s safety practices and policies. (Pattanaphong Khuankaew/Getty Images)

In trucking accident lawsuits, the "reptile theory" is a method plaintiff lawyers have deployed in pursuit of so-called “nuclear” jury verdicts.

Eric Miller | Senior Reporter
January 19, 2021

Central Freight Lines to Receive $1.85 Million in Texas Contract Violation Case

Central Freight Lines is in line to receive at least $1.85 million after a jury in Rockwall County, Texas, found that the carrier’s contract with Trendsetter to provide insurance-related services was violated by the provider.

December 23, 2015