November 15, 2021 10:00 AM, EST

Xos Adds Additional Proprietary Battery Systems

Xos Lyra Series battery packBatteries of the Lyra Series come in two sizes: Lyra 30 (29.4 kWh) and Lyra 60 (61.8 kWh). (Xos Inc.)

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Electric truck maker Xos Inc. announced its second series of proprietary battery systems.

The Lyra Series features a system-level 52% improvement in gravimetric energy density(typically expressed in watt-hours per kilogram) and a 45% improvement in volumetric energy density (typically expressed in watt-hours per liter (Wh/L) or Megajoules per liter (MJ/L). It offers a lighter overall pack that is more compact for the same, or more, net payload capability compared with its earlier series, according to the Los Angeles-based company.

“This next-generation battery system represents a significant milestone on our journey of continuous improvement around our battery technology,” Giordano Sordoni, co-founder and chief operating officer, said in a release.

The Lyra Series currently includes two sizes of battery, Lyra 30 (29.4 kWh) and Lyra 60 (61.8 kWh), offering 25 and 50 miles of range on a last-mile delivery vehicle, respectively. Both battery systems can be installed on any existing vehicle built with Xos’ proprietary modular chassis platform, the X-Platform, and battery systems can be combined to achieve a fleet’s required range. Each system features individual, recirculated air cooling and an independent battery management system, offering enhanced modularity and improved reliability, the company noted. — Transport Topics

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