XL Specialized Launches New Trailer for Wing Turbines

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — XL Specialized Trailers has launched the XL 90 Blademate in response to demand to haul wind turbines.

The company said longer trailers are more difficult to control, which can be a challenge when hauling very long wind blades.

However, the XL Blademate features a self-steering system in which the axles automatically rotate to keep the trailer behind the truck at all times, the company said.

The XL 90 is 53 feet long when closed and 184 feet, two inches when fully extended. There is also a 20-foot pullout bumper.

“Our goal is always to provide a solution that makes drivers' jobs easier and safer,” said Rodney Crim, vice president of sales for XL Specialized. “We are excited to provide this advanced hauling solution for the wind industry.”


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