November 19, 2014 5:30 PM, EST

White House Nominates NTSB Board Member Rosekind to Lead NHTSA

Rosekind (right) via NTSB

Mark Rosekind, a member of the National Transportation Safety Board, has been nominated to run the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The White House made the announcement Nov. 19.

Rosekind has been an NTSB board member since 2010. Before that, he was president and chief scientist at Alertness Solutions, a scientific consulting firm he founded that specializes in fatigue management.

American Trucking Associations president and CEO Bill Graves called Rosekind a “highly qualified” professional.

“We’ve worked with Dr. Rosekind in the past and, in our experience, we’ve found him to be thoughtful, smart, well-reasoned, and willing to follow the data.  We look forward to working with him on both safety and fuel economy issues important to the trucking industry,” Graves said.

According to background on NTSB’s website, Rosekind worked for NASA for seven years, and he earned degrees from Stanford, Yale and completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the Brown University Medical School.

The Senate’s limited schedule during the post-election lame-duck session likely will push consideration of Rosekind’s nomination to the 114th Congress. If confirmed, Rosekind would succeed David Friedman, the agency’s deputy administrator. This year, NHTSA has been under congressional scrutiny, primarily over its review of recalls at General Motors.