February 3, 2020 12:00 PM, EST

Weigh Station Bypass Technology Guide

Evaluate and Quantify Bypass Systems for Your Operation

More than 625,000 trucks use PrePass to legally bypass weigh stations across North America. The FMCSA estimated the value of these bypasses at $8.68 per bypass if the average stop is 5 minutes.

But you may want to quantify the value of a bypass for your operation. Complete the free ROI calculator at

What are the different bypass options? PrePass has you covered.

Mobile Apps

  • Works on Apple iOS, Android and select telematics devices, decreasing the footprint in the truck cab.
  • Easy to deploy with a simple app download and no transponder hardware to manage.
  • Is available at smaller sites and mobile sites where transponder infrastructure is not present, expanding bypass location opportunities.
  • Includes driver safety alerts including work zones, gusty wind areas, steep grades, runaway truck ramps and more.


  • Transponders offer the greatest chance of bypassing with a 99.9% data communication accuracy rate with the site.
  • Transponders offer electronic toll payment integration for discounts and consolidated invoicing, saving you even more time and money.
  • Transponders integrate with other third party bypass providers including Norpass, Oregon Green Light and Weigh2GoBC for expanded bypassing.

Unlike other bypass providers, PrePass offers choices for the same low subscription rate. The PrePass MOTION™ app may be used alone or paired with a transponder. The combination provides the reliability benefits of transponders plus the coverage benefits of cellular technology.

Which PrePass technology is right for you?

Maximizing on-duty driving time is more important than ever. Couple that with increased driver retention, reduced fuel costs, and vehicle wear, it may be easy to justify PrePass.

  • Identify your primary lanes of travel and weigh stations that are typically open along these routes. Then compare this to the PrePass location map to determine which bypass technology is available at each site you frequently bypass.
  • Determine your tolerance for bypass accuracy. There are scenarios where a cellular signal may be dropped or lost during the bypass process. Transponders are near 100% accurate.
  • Calculate time savings from the process of transponder management, including lost or stolen transponders. Apps are easy to deploy and manage from a central location.
  • Determine the benefit of toll management services to your operation. Toll discounts, dispute resolution, consolidated billing and PrePass INFORM Tolling data visualization software for controlling toll costs, are only available if you’re using PrePass transponders.


Strategic consultants at work for you.

PrePass consultants provide industry and technical expertise to find areas of improvement within your organization. But first, we start with an understanding of your business operation, goals, objectives, and business challenges. Our solutions include a suite of powerful interoperable systems— weigh station bypass, toll payment management and data insight tools. These systems, in addition to our consultative approach, help you improve safety, reduce compliance risk, and control operating costs within a single, comprehensive program.


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