Video: Interview With Alan Amling of UPS Supply Chain Solutions

Dan Bearth, Alan Amling

"It gets back to the customer. As supply chains become more global and more complex, customers are looking to simplify their supply chain. So we're seeing them reduce the number of 3PLs that they use, and asking those 3PLs to do more. So that's why you see acquisitions of other 3PLs maybe on a different continent, or it could be acquiring technical services or other capabilities — it's all about serving that need for the customer that wants to simplify their supply chain, manage costs, and meet their customer service expectations. And the more that can happen within a single provider, the more control and efficiency there is." — Alan Amling, VP Global Logistics and Distribution Marketing, UPS Supply Chain Solutions, on how he sees investments changing the logistics industry.

A snippet of Amling's interview with Dan Bearth was included in our LiveOnWeb Top 50 Logistics Companies livestream program April 14. Watch the full interview with Amling above.

UPS ranks No. 1 on the 2015 Transport Topics Top 50 Logistics Companies list.

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