December 6, 2018 6:00 PM, EST

Utility Trailer Unveils Enhanced Floor Technology

Utility Trailer Manufacturing Co. announced the roll out of its new flooring technology.

The 20K Duct Floor System is the new standard for all of the company’s 3000R base model refrigerated trailers. Equipped to handle 20,000 pounds, the technology has a 30% greater upper wear thickness than the previous 16K flooring. Trailer specifications are set for a fork truck that has 12-inch wide-front tires. The improvements provide an increase in service life and a superior performing trailer when compared with the old base model.

Utility Trailer manufactures an array of products including refrigerated trailers, dry freight vans, flatbeds and other aerodynamic technologies.

“The 20K Duct Floor System is the highest-rated standard floor in the industry, and its design keeps the 3000R light-weight, because the floor requires no other structural enhancements,” said Jeffrey Bennett, vice president of engineering and product development.

Utility’s 3000R refrigerated trailers with the 20K Duct Floor System are manufactured in Marion, Va.; Clearfield, Utah; and Piedras Negras, Mexico.