November 16, 2020 12:00 PM, EST

Utility Aerodynamics Devices Improve Profitability

Utility designed their own proprietary aerodynamic devices to improve the aerodynamic performance of their dry vans and reefers. Recently, MVT Solutions conducted in-depth tests on Utility’s Aerodynamic Tail and USS-120A-4 Side Skirt to determine their effectiveness on Utility’s refrigerated vans.

MVT Solutions is a 3rd party provider of fuel economy testing, consulting and real-world analysis for the trucking industry. The company conducts fuel economy testing based on race car engineering. This method of high-tech testing can obtain accuracy up to .25% and accounts for such variables as wind, climate, load, driver behavior and duty cycle.

Results from MVT Solution’s rigorous tests on the Utility Aerodynamic Tail and USS-120A-4 Side Skirt demonstrated the tremendous impact these aerodynamic devices made on improving the fuel economy on their reefers. The test determined that when combined together, the fuel savings added up to an impressive 646 gallons per 100,000 miles on a Utility refrigerated trailer.

It’s important to note that both aerodynamic devices not only optimize fuel-efficiency, they also improve trailer stability and reduce air turbulence. But what impact do these fuel savings have on profitability per refrigerated trailer, or for a fleet with a number of refrigerated trailers? Utility developed a fuel savings calculator to give customers an idea of how much they could potentially save by using these two aerodynamic products on their refrigerated vans. To determine your savings, go to:

Built of UV-protected/bi-directional Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic, the USS-120A-4 Side Skirt directs air along the side of the trailer, reducing aerodynamic drag underneath the trailer. It’s unique structural design at the bottom of the skirt improves rigidity without a loss of flexibility, while also helping the skirt to maintain its structural integrity at higher speeds.

The Utility Aerodynamic Tail streamlines airflow, diminishes air turbulence, and redirects heat away from the rear of the trailer. This is of particular value on a reefer because it also reduces heat convection and optimizes thermal efficiency. The UV-protected, Utility Aerodynamic Tail also diminishes the low-pressure zone behind the trailer, improving aerodynamic performance.

The USS-120A-4 Side Skirt is now a standard feature on all reefers and dry vans, and the Utility Aerodynamic Tail is an option, with an added benefit. The light weight Utility Aerodynamic Tail is also light on the pocketbook. Compared to other trailer tails, the Utility Aerodynamic Tail is an unbeatable value, and will generate the best ROI in the aerodynamic segment of the industry.

For more information, or to calculate your fuel savings, go to:


Utility Trailer Manufacturing Company is America's oldest privately owned, family-operated trailer manufacturer. They design and manufacture dry vans, flatbeds, refrigerated vans, Tautliner® curtainsided trailers, and aerodynamic technologies. Utility operates six manufacturing facilities across North America. Utility’s 3000R® and the 3000R® multi-temp refrigerated trailers are manufactured in Marion, Virginia; Clearfield, Utah; and Piedras Negras, Mexico. The 4000D-X Composite® and 4000D® dry vans are manufactured in Glade Spring, Virginia; and Paragould, Arkansas. The 4000AE®, 4000S®, 4000AE® Drop Deck flatbeds, and Tautliner® are manufactured in Enterprise, Alabama. Utility’s independent dealer network has over 100 locations throughout North and South America.

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