April 27, 2010 4:00 PM, EDT

UCR Fees to Nearly Double

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration released the 2010 fees for the Unified Carrier Registration program Monday, more than doubling the levy across the board but setting it slightly lower than the agency had proposed last year.

The fees, which are used by states to fund various commercial vehicle enforcement activities, will range from $76 for freight forwarders, brokers, leasing companies and fleets with less than two trucks all the way up to $73,346 for fleets with more than a 1,000 trucks.

The increase is the result of a change in the law that changes how FMCSA determines fleet size for purposes of collecting the fees.

Industry executives said the fees were too high, but law enforcement officers said the fees were not high enough to generate the roughly $113 million required under federal law.