September 8, 2020 2:15 PM, EDT

Uber Freight Expands Enterprise Shipping Offerings

Uber Freight appUber Freight's new services provide large shippers with a transportation management system and a central point of control for logistics operations.(Uber Freight)

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Uber Freight launched two new software solutions aimed at expanding its enterprise shipper offerings, the company announced Sept. 8.

The services provide large shippers with a transportation management system and a central point of control for logistics operations. Uber Freight Enterprise is an extension of the self-serve shipper platform for small and midsize businesses. Uber Freight Link helps with loads outside the network.

“From a capability perspective, we felt there was an unmet need for enterprises to consume more pieces of our services,” Lior Ron, head of Uber Freight, told Transport Topics. “The second and probably more important element is just the timing.”

Ron noted that launching the products is the natural next step in how the company has been evolving its technology.

“We live in a historically different and very volatile freight market,” Ron said. “Those enterprise shippers are being challenged more than ever before in terms of demand, in terms of volume, in terms of need for their goods.”

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Ron noted that from a needs perspective, the company saw this as an opportunity to help shippers with more technology. In response, Uber Freight started developing the services over the past year, including a testing phase with early adopters.

“The key is just listening to our customers,” Ron said. “Both of these products were born because of what our customers were asking us to do. We have a lot of customer using our services for their TMS and integrations, and we announced more and more integrations the last couple of weeks with partnerships. But they wanted more.”

Uber Freight Enterprise provides shippers with end-to-end control of their freight. They can source capacity through the Uber Freight marketplace. They also can adjust coverage and pricing. It includes visibility into truck estimated time of arrival and digital access to documentation.



Shippers typically have to rely on single connections between shippers and carriers, which can be difficult to scale. When shippers have many carrier partners, this setup can result in higher transportation cost, unreliable service and significant time spent addressing exceptions. Uber Freight addresses these issues with its new software solutions.

Uber Freight Link further expands this platform with execution software for loads outside of the Uber Freight network. It enables enterprise shippers to leverage the technology and its benefits across their full carrier network.

“Uber Freight Link was born with the goal of really democratizing access to the Uber Freight platform,” Ron said “and allow the shippers to see all of their carrier base with the same level of visibility they get with Uber Freight.”

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