January 18, 2017 12:00 PM, EST

Trucker Tools Announces Load Track Integration With McLeod PowerBroker

Trucker Tools

Mobile app developer Trucker Tools announced an integration of its Load Track feature with McLeod Software’s PowerBroker management system for freight brokerage.

In addition to reporting GPS locations while a shipment is in transit, the integrated Load Track feature adds instant driver messaging, accurate arrival and departure notifications, and estimated time of arrival updates, according to Trucker Tools.

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When a broker makes a load assignment in PowerBroker, the assigned drivers receive a text link on their phones to download the app if they haven’t yet done so.

More than 390,000 drivers already have downloaded the app, and with the Load Track integration, shipment tracking in PowerBroker will start and stop automatically.

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Load Track continuously updates shipment locations every five minutes from Android devices and up to 15 minutes from Apple devices.