November 12, 2014 10:55 AM, EST

Transplace Upgrades Cross-Border Customs Tool

Sam Hodgson/Bloomberg News

Transplace has upgraded its customs tool for shipments crossing the U.S.-Mexico border.

The system automates and standardizes the interaction among shippers, importers and customs officials when transporting goods across the border, according to the Dallas-based company.

“Using the customs portal, importers can interact with the shipper, broker, and multiple departments within their own organization through a single platform, enabling easier communication and visibility and ensuring the integrity of all data transmitted to Mexican Customs,” Jose Minarro, customs brokerage director for Transplace, said in a statement.

“Compliance with customs laws, rules and regulations is critical when transporting goods to and from Mexico, but it is often a complex, time-consuming process that can have a significant impact on the supply chain,” he added.

The tool has the ability to clear land, ocean or air shipments through multiple ports of entry. The system also comprehends inbound shipments as a purchase order level and automates data input for each product line.

The tool stores some records for up to five years and is able to provide information on shipments in process and cleared shipments, as well as brokerage charges and taxes paid.