September 22, 2014 4:00 PM, EDT

TMW Systems Vows Emphasis on Customers

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Officials of trucking software vendor TMW Systems outlined on Sept. 22 a wide variety of steps, including corporate restructuring and acquisitions that the company has made, to smooth internal operations and user experiences.

Speaking to a sold-out crowd of more than 1,900 at the company’s user conference, TMW TransForum 2014, CEO David Wangler said the trucking management vendor is upgrading its support teams and that TMW has reached a milestone in its growth that requires restructuring.

Wangler said TMW has created product management groups and is exploring software development groups.

 “We humbly ask for your support and patience as we go through these changes,” Wangler told the opening session of the conference.

He said that customer needs go beyond an “outmoded concept of ‘the supply chain’ “ and that today they require “technology-enabled visibility.”

 “That is what TMW is working toward,” Wangler said.

In a later session, Rod Strata, executive vice president for operations, told the audience of the system’s users that “we have heard you loud and clear,” and outlined steps he is taking to integrate TMW’s solutions into what he called “TMW 3.0.”

He said he is working on improving customer support. TMW “is going to be a much more transparent organization . . . we’re going to live up to customer commitments.”

Among the changes he outlined was making TMW “much more prescriptive” because sometimes finding and advocating a different way of doing things is better than replicating the way companies have approached problems.