TMAF Reaches Trailer-Wrap Goal, Touts Growing Success of Image Movement

Burch by John Sommers II for Transport Topics
LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Officials with the Trucking Moves America Forward image movement said they have surpassed their goal of getting 100 specially designed trailer wraps on the road.

The announcement was made at a press event during the Mid-America Trucking Show here March 31, which also marked the second anniversary of the official launch of TMAF.

“We are receiving positive feedback at every turn,” said Kevin Burch, co-chair of TMAF and president of Jet Express of Dayton, Ohio.

Burch, who is also first vice chairman of American Trucking Associations, said the trailer wraps are “moving billboards” seen by as many as 16 million people as it travels through cities.

Burch said TMAF has set a new goal of getting 200 more on the road in the coming year.  He also shared accomplishments of the past 12 moths, which included large growth in social media interactions and advertising impressions.

Burch, who displayed one of Jet Express’ wraps in the MATS parking lot, praised companies including Holland and Load One for purchasing a large number of wraps.

Load One CEO John Elliott said his fleet has embraced the wraps and that it helps overcome the perception that trucking is still not good at “promoting what we do.”

“We are the silent backbone of this nation — we have to stop being silent,” he said.

Todd Spencer, executive vice president of the Owner-Operators Independent Drivers Association, praised the continued efforts of the entire industry to work together on the TMAF movement.

He also spoke out about the need to improve treatment of the nation’s truck drivers, especially when it comes to working with shippers and receivers. In addition, he said the shortage of available parking spots is an issue that needs to be elevated to show proper respect to drivers.

Spencer said a smart way to improve the industry image is to focus on the truck drivers, and “the best way to bring that about is to make drivers proud of what they do.”

Burch also spoke of the need for unity, noting that while there are differences between trucking sectors, union membership and trucking associations’ positions, a common thread remains the need to support every truck driver.

Also during the press conference, Don Logan, a driver with FedEx Freight and member of America’s Road Team, said he believes TMAF can help reach the next generation to show them trucking “is a great career choice and one they can be proud of.”