June 23, 2020 1:30 PM, EDT

Thermo King Launches Advancer Series

Thermo King Advancer series trailerThermo King’s Advancer trailer series initially will be available for markets in Europe, the Middle East, Latin America and Asia-Pacific. (Thermo King)

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Thermo King, a provider of transport temperature-control solutions, announced the launch of the Advancer series, which it called “a re-imagining” of the trailer refrigeration unit.

The product initially will be available for markets in Europe, the Middle East, Latin America and Asia-Pacific, according to the company, a unit of Trane Technologies, which is based in Swords, Ireland.

“We asked customers what they needed to work better, win more business, and cut their cost of operation,” David O’Gorman, senior product manager, Thermo King, said in a release.

The Advancer is available in three models: A-360, A-400 and A-500. Its features include:

  •  Variable airflow that can be regulated depending on trip and cargo, and which is independent of unit engine speed.
  •  Significantly increased electrical and fuel efficiency, contributing to a lower carbon dioxide footprint, and engines with 50% fewer emissions than the maximum allowed by the latest European NRMM Stage V emission standards.
  •  Electronic engine speed control on the A-400 and A-500 units.
  •  Lower maintenance costs and enhanced serviceability compared to predecessor units, thanks to sensors that provide more insight into the engine, fuel, battery and other key component performance.
  •  Future-ready power agnostic capabilities that can utilize diesel, axle generator or shore power sources with ease.
  •  Fleet intelligence as standard, with two years of full telematics connectivity included in the purchase price.

The Advancer is manufactured in Thermo King’s zero-waste-to-landfill plant in Galway, Ireland. — Transport Topics

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