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With freight carrying capacity demand magnifying the driver shortage, truck drivers are in the driver’s seat. That’s why pay and benefits are on the rise, but for most, quality of life on the road means having the comforts of home.

In its recently released report, An Analysis of the Operational Costs of Trucking, the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) said driver wages, bonuses and benefits, which account for 43% of operating costs, are up more than one third since 2012. For the past several years, as fleets have responded to the driver shortage, the biggest cost increases were seen in driver wages and benefits.

Over the past year, in fact, numerous trucking companies have announced increases in salaries and benefits for drivers and several have raised driver pay multiple times. Carriers are also offering financial incentives beyond wages, including family educational benefits, and retention, safe driving and on-time delivery performance bonuses.

While ATRI expects those practices to continue, beyond financial support drivers are just as interested in other types of rewards, and in particular those that help make life on the road easier. That’s why the adoption of our in-cab satellite TV systems for improving driver recruitment, job satisfaction and retention continues to grow steadily.

That’s also why EpicVue continues to leverage satellite technology to provide an entertainment solution that has the connectivity and the content that your drivers want, need and deserve.

With in-cab satellite TV the viewing experience is closer than anything — especially a laptop, tablet or smartphone— to what’s found at home. With EpicVue, drivers also get much of the same content they would find at home, including the best in live sports, movies and entertainment with over 100 channels of programming, and premium channels such as HBO and Showtime as well as NFL Sunday Ticket.

And at EpicVue, with one monthly rate that hasn’t changed for the past four years, we have always had your bottom line in mind. We’ve also never believed in teaser rates that offer low costs to start and much higher prices soon afterward.

Today as well, we’re taking away your concerns about making a long-term commitment to satellite TV. With our new no contract offer, fleets can adopt our systems for an upfront fee, and can cancel the service at any time and keep the in-cab equipment.

Maybe you’re wondering about the next thing in driver entertainment, but today satellite is the only technology that works reliably in trucks. It is also the only thing that will provide reliable, cost effective service for the next five or more years. EpicVue will continue to play a key role in driver entertainment technology.

Don't just reward your drivers with money and financial benefits– reward them with the comforts of home, with proven, lasting in-cab entertainment technology.

Visit to learn how satellite TV provides a recruiting and retention advantage.

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