November 4, 2014 3:00 PM, EST

Telogis Launches New Software to Improve Planning, Flexibility


Telogis recently launched new software products designed to help fleets better plan their operations and respond quickly to changing conditions, whether it be hours-of-service constraints or traffic and weather patterns.

The truck telematics provider’s Dynamic Response Suite supports “comprehensive planning,” from long-term strategy down to the details of the final mile, Telogis co-founder Newth Morris said in an Oct. 29 announcement.

He said the software works with other Telogis applications to enable “the total orchestration of work in the field.”

The company also has released its Telogis Sites application, which enables fleets to store and share data about specific delivery locations. The application can provide details such as the preferred entrance, yard boundaries and the exact delivery location.

Telogis also launched a software package tailored specifically to field-service operations.

The company introduced the offerings at its user conference in Dana Point, California.

Dynamic Response Suite, which represents the next generation of the Telogis Progression offering, consists of four separate modules that customers can purchase individually.

Fleets can use the “control room” module to track their vehicles and follow developments that could affect operations, such as traffic and weather conditions. The software product also includes a module that compares planned routes with actual operations, another that predicts estimated time of arrival while factoring in last-minute changes, as well as a flexible dispatching module.

Kelly Frey, vice president of product marketing, told Transport Topics that the Dynamic Response Suite is intended to enable transportation providers to be more responsive to their customers.

“We are increasingly being asked by prospective and existing customers to help them be more dynamic and more agile in the way that they’re scheduling their work and monitoring it during the day,” he said.

Frey said the new planning modules take HOS constraints into consideration to help planners make better decisions and account for factors such as drivers’ required 30-minute breaks.

“We can make sure that’s incorporated into the route plan so that the dispatcher doesn’t mistakenly dispatch someone into an out-of-service situation or give the driver too many jobs for the day,” he said.

The planning software can also factor in the delays caused by weather systems by reducing expected road speeds, Frey added.

Dynamic Response Suite and Telogis Sites are part of the broader Telogis platform, which also includes applications for hours-of-service logging, driver vehicle inspection reports, commercial navigation and driver and vehicle performance monitoring.