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The Covid-19 crisis has had a huge effect across the United States, with life as we know it having changed completely in just a few short weeks. Every sector is feeling the pain.

But truckers have risen to the challenge and have emerged as real frontline heroes in the battle against Covid-19. Truckers are keeping the economy moving when so many people have to stay at home and self-isolate. Truckers, now more than ever before, are being rightly acknowledged as the backbone of the American economy.

At UrbanVolt, we know how challenging this time is for the trucking sector. We are proud to be the first affinity partner with the American Trucking Associations, and now, as ever, we are here to help. And we will be here afterwards once Covid-19 is nothing but a bad memory.

Significant savings if you work smart

How can we help? At UrbanVolt, we specialize in the economics of energy sustainability. Climate change is something that we all have to accept, but the truth is that adapting to this new reality doesn’t have to mean additional costs for business. In fact, it can mean significant savings if you work smart.

At UrbanVolt, the starting point for savings comes with lighting. For example, it has been proven that light-emitting diode (LED) lighting technology saves up to 80% on conventional energy bills, but that can seem irrelevant to you, a business owner who is worried about the cost of the technology to start with, along with its installation, maintenance, the asset’s depreciation in the medium to long term and, eventually, the cost of its replacement.

Innovative Light as a Service model

But again, there’s an answer. UrbanVolt’s innovative Light as a Service (LaaS) model means that we offer the lighting equipment to your business. What’s more, we install it, maintain it and replace it when it needs to be replaced.

The equipment itself is not owned or even leased by your business, meaning a depreciating asset is kept off the balance sheet and the business’s borrowing capacity is not affected in the future. We do not charge interest fees and receive our payment from the energy savings realised in the first place.

The bottom line is that we are invested in you and your business. We’re not interested in selling you a product. We want you to save money. That’s the essence of a true partnership.

Without any outlay of capital, you can plan efficiently and effectively for the future, and our relationship is flexible. We offer a five-year term for one site installation, or a one-year term for multiple sites. And that’s all there is to it.

Unique industry app

What about figuring out how much energy you use to begin with, and how much you can save? The unique UrbanVolt industry app eliminates the need for surveyors to physically be on site to assess the buildings in question – something that will bring a lot of comfort in the current environment.

By simply inputting four key metrics for each building – its size, ceiling height, current electricity costs, and operating hours – you can instantly access potential energy savings by using alternatives, saving a huge amount of man hours and meaning that decisions with a real environmental, financial and real-life impact can be made quickly and decisively.

Lessening exposure to the virus

So, considering surveyors no longer need to be on site and the calculations are calculated remotely, you’re immediately lessening your exposure to the virus, and in doing so, safeguarding your existing staff.

Many businesses across all sectors will find that, as long as Covid-19 remains a factor, they will be postponing business decisions until a time when normality has resumed. This is understandable. This technology gives business owners the opportunity to know exactly where they stand – and how much energy they generate and are likely to save with new alternatives – so that the information is at their fingertips when business gets back to normal.

A partner you can rely on

In this way, you’ll stay on track with your 2020 carbon reduction targets. This is important for you and for your customers – for example, a 2018 survey of over 1,000 consumers in the US and UK conducted by Futerra showed that 88% of respondents would like brands to help them be more environmentally friendly and ethical in their daily lives.

Covid-19 has come as a shock to the entire industry, and its ramifications will be felt long after it disappears. But don’t worry, we are a partner you can rely on and we will be there once this is over to work with your business and continue to deliver significant savings. It’s what you deserve. 

Graham Deane is Chief Operating Officer and Co-founder of full solution sustainability provider UrbanVolt. See


UrbanVolt offer a range of fully funded, fully project managed services to reduce your energy costs and accelerate your journey to sustainability. We start with the quick win: LED lighting. UrbanVolt’s award winning Light as a Service (LaaS™) includes capital investment, project management and maintenance. Lower your energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint without the need for any capital outlay.


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