Stemco Offers Automatic TrailerTail


Stemco Products Inc. announced its TrailerTail Automatic fuel-saving system, the newest version of its signature TrailerTail products. It deploys automatically when the trailer reaches 35 mph.

It will be available in the third quarter, and is compatible with new trailers and also as a retrofit for existing TrailerTail Trident models, of which more than 55,000 are in use, according to the Longview, Texas-based company.

The TrailerTail system improves fuel economy by streamlining airflow at the back of the trailer to reduce rear drag and increase fuel efficiency. It has been certified to deliver 5.54% fuel efficiency gains at 65 mph based on SAE Type II testing.

The automatic system also closes the TrailerTail when the truck stops or goes in reverse, preventing damage to the TrailerTail, trailer or dock doors. Closing the TrailerTail only when the vehicle comes to a full stop reduces the number of cycles the unit has to go through, minimizing component wear and tear. Also, if the trailer loses power, the TrailerTail will automatically close, allowing access to the cargo.

“We know that truck drivers have many responsibilities, and TrailerTail Automatic eliminates the need for drivers to open or close the TrailerTail,” said Prashanth Kamath, segment business leader at Stemco. 


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