December 19, 2018 11:00 AM, EST

Shell Rotella Unveils New Heavy-Duty Greases

Shell Rotella has introduced a new line of heavy-duty greases for trucks, tractors and construction equipment, according to a Dec. 14 press release.

HD Grease is a premium product for on- and off-road vehicle applications with the versatility for industrial equipment use. One use is for bearings operating at high temperatures due to its oxidation performance, corrosion resistance and extreme press and anti-wear protection, according to the statement.

SD Grease is designed for applications in vehicles and equipment that include high shock loads in which rapid starts and stops may occur.

MP Grease is designed for general chassis, springs, pivot points, low-speed bearings and equipment such as mowers, trailers, lifts and loader buckets.

ET Grease is designed for improved adhesion and retention on exposed surfaces, such as fifth-wheel plate pivots, wheel bearings, springs, trailers, open pivot joints and weather-exposed equipment.