May 4, 2020 12:00 PM, EDT

Sea-Logix Provides Essential Services With BYD Trucks

OAKLAND, Calif. (04/22/2020) – A typical workday at the Port of Oakland for Sea-Logix, LLC driver Will Frazier, 23, begins at 7 a.m. in a daily safety meeting. He’ll spend the rest of his shift in constant contact with a dispatcher as he hauls various container loads to and from busy marine terminals and customer locations.

It will be a long day, but Frazier can’t wait to get inside the cab of the BYD tractor to which he is assigned.

“I love the electric truck,” said Frazier, a Teamster with Local 70 and lifelong resident of the Bay Area with generations of family having worked in and around the ports. “I’m always happy to get it. It’s nice.”

Sea-Logix, one of the leading trucking and port drayage operators in California, operates four state-of-the-art BYD 8TT battery electric semis. The company relies on its BYD all-electric semis to perform essential services hauling containerized goods such as food and equipment for businesses, grocers and hospitals in support of communities in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.

In recent weeks, Frazier’s commute to work has been different, because of the battle against COVID-19, it’s down to just eight minutes, as Californians follow stay at home orders. Rising to the challenge for the times is where Sea-Logix and Frazier shine -- maintaining a steady flow of cargo to ensure that businesses and communities have critical supplies. Sea-Logix not only supports local jobs with its BYD trucks, it continues to serve as a key link in the supply chain.

“As a leader in the trucking industry, we feel it’s our responsibility to support and protect the local communities that we work in,” says Teresa Duffy, Sr. Director of Operations at Sea-Logix Oakland. “With BYD electric trucks, we can move cargo very efficiently, and cleanly, within the local community. This is an accomplishment we share with our customers and our Local 70 drivers, and is one we can all feel good about.”

BYD stands with the trucking industry and its employees.

“BYD is proud to support Sea-Logix and salutes American workers like Will during this challenging time,” said John Gerra, BYD’s Sr. Director of Business Development. “By working closely with industry leaders such as Sea-Logix, we can move cargo efficiently, protect communities and support the economy, all with true zero-emission electric trucks.”

Globally, BYD has built and delivered more than 12,000 electric trucks, making BYD the largest electric truck manufacturer in the world. In addition to trucks, BYD is also an industry leader in several other markets including automobiles, forklifts, buses, solar and energy. BYD is dedicated to creating a true zero-emission ecosystem by offering technology for solar power generation, energy storage and battery-electric transportation powered by that zero-emission electricity.

As the day moved closer to the end of his shift, Frazier reflected on the benefits of driving a BYD electric truck. “It’s a good truck,” he said of the cab-over design he prefers. “It’s got good power and it’s able to get going quicker. What did surprise me is how much battery life it had at the end of the day. Having been in this port for years, it’s nice to have this option. Nothing’s cleaner than electric.”




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