June 23, 2014 8:00 AM, EDT

Rugged Handheld Provider Launches New Device

Two Technologies

Rugged handheld provider Two Technologies has launched a new mobile device aimed at the over-the-road trucking market.

The N4, an Android device housed in a polycarbonate shell, is waterproof and heat resistant, providing a more reliable alternative to consumer devices that are prone to damage and power failure, the Philadelphia-based company said.

The product incorporates the Samsung Galaxy Note smart phone and can be ordered with a standard Qwerty keyboard or a variety of other keypads to fit specific applications.

It features a 5.5-inch, high-resolution display, a backlit keypad, a hot-swappable battery, an optional magnetic stripe reader and a color camera.

Joan Rickards, executive vice president of sales and marketing at Two Technologies, said that despite the challenges of the heavy-duty trucking environment, most drivers still rely on consumer-grade cellphones or radios to communicate with dispatchers.

“We are dedicated to raising the bar on durability in mobile computing with the ultrarugged N4,” she said. “N4 is the next step in providing better communications gear for those who drive hundreds of miles each day, under often-challenging road and weather conditions.”