April 23, 2018 1:15 PM, EDT

Renewable Natural Gas Facilities on the Rise

Compressed natural gas stationTT file photo

The Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas released a new map and project database of renewable natural gas production facilities in North America.

The refreshed database reveals that there are now at least 76 operational RNG facilities in the United States and Canada, representing 85% growth from the 41 projects that were built between 1982 and 2014.

The coalition established a goal in 2015 to double the number of RNG production facilities in North America by 2025. There were 51 RNG facilities at the time. The new database shows that the North American RNG industry is on pace to reach the goal in half that time: an additional 23 RNG production facilities are under construction and another 25 have reached stages of substantial development prior to commencing construction, according to the Sacramento, Calif.-based group.

“Since the environmental benefits of RNG were ruled eligible to generate D3 Renewable Identification Numbers in 2014, private capital has funded dozens of new projects all across the continent, and dozens more are in process,” Jay Hopper, vice president of Aria Energy, said in a statement.

The database and map are on the RNG coalition’s website and will be updated as new production facilities are brought online.