July 9, 2018 12:00 AM, EDT

Protect Your Fleet From Litigation With In-Cab Video

An Affordable Truck Camera System

Omnitracs Critical Event Video allows you to decide which events trigger video and the video is available to you within minutes of the critical event. You also have the option to request video stored on the camera directly from Omnitracs Critical Event Reporting. And if you actually need to see what happened just before or just after the clip you are reviewing, don’t worry — with a simple click, you can request the prequel and the sequel to any existing video to compile a complete timeline.

We value your commitment to safety and we don’t want bad things to happen to good people working hard to build honest companies. But all too often what actually happened is not immediately known or is buried in a process that serves the wrong purpose. Equipping your fleet with Critical Event Video ensures that you see for yourself what actually happened. Risky behavior that is not acceptable can be noticed sooner and conversations with those drivers will likely be much shorter. And in the event of an actual critical event, your driver will have a silent witness to accurately and definitively recount cause and effect.

Why Omnitracs In-Cab Video?


High costs have prevented many fleets from implementing fleet dash cam technology — until now.


Automatically uploads in truck camera footage of critical events of your choice.

Retroactive Video Requests

Allows you to request in-cab video from specific dates and times.

Fully Integrated

Separate logins are a pain. With Omnitracs, in truck camera video is available in the same portal used to manage compliance, measure performance, and optimize routes.

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